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Harry Potter and Naruto reincarnation and character!adoption ideas (shuffled away into IdeaStorage tag/page)


Harry Potter reincarnated as Haruno Sakura

thoughts: suddenly has parents, finds it ironic his forehead is still the attention grabber, isn’t too sure about shinobi system, studious-or-not?, more likely for Saku/Ino pairing or not?, doesn’t break off friendship with Ino over Sasuke, small chakra reserves so still medic or? probably still a taijutsu tank no matter what


Hermione Granger reincarnated as Nara Shikamaru

thoughts: social justice aware Shikamaru, against being ninja or not?, studious Shikamaru,  actually…looks like he takes more after Yoshino right?, Fuinjutsu interested Shikamaru?, future in Research&Development, Intel, T&I, Crypto? Probably develops at least five new ways of using Shadow jutsu. 


Hermione Granger reincarnated as Uchiha Sasuke

thoughts: notices something fishy probably, studious Sasuke, doesn’t approve of Fugaku setting up Sasuke/Itachi rivalry, tries to lessen pressure on Itachi, doesn’t believe in shinobi system, but probably can’t get away with not being ninja, massacre still happens or not?, if yes then probably either knows something’s fishy about Itachi doing it (maybe thinks him incapable of defeating everybody in one night - because logic), but perhaps does believe he had a mental breakdown


Harry Potter adopted by Hatake Sakumo

thoughts: pack feelings, some nice fluffy feelings, maybe Harry older than Kakashi for once, preventing Sakumo suicide or not?, if not Harry takes care of Kakashi?


Uchiha Obito adopted by Hermione Granger

thoughts: better mental health overall, Obito is taught more logic than he knows what to do with, but can probably marshal his emotions better and notice when he’s being manipulated, Hermione takes him in since his grandmother is too old to take care of a young child or something, Obito manages to actually confess his feelings for Rin? less of an inferiority-superiority complex, since Hermione probably wouldn’t be full blooded Uchiha some xenophobia is dismantled there


Harry Potter adopts Jinchuuriki

thoughts: likely Master of Death Harry, who can live through tantrums that destroy mountains, GoodParent!Harry, Harry probably adopts a lot more than just Jinchuuriki and thus spreads some Jinchuuiki tolerance to young children who later think it ridiculous that people shun Jinchuuriki.


Hatake Kakashi reincarnated as Remus Lupin

thoughts: better about hiding secrets, probably treats his condition as a tool, doesn’t care for only using a wand as defence, doesn’t really like this new father of his perhaps? Enforces rules on his friends as prefect instead of looking away? Has more, less or same number of friends?


Hatake Kakashi reincarnated as Bill Weasley

thoughts: likes having a big family, family feels fic probably, works or steals on the side to contribulte to family funds, probably works as mercenary on the side, still becomes archaeologist? there is potential for archaeological digs having stuff from Elemental Nations or mentions of Bijuu


Hyuuga Neji reincarnated as Draco Malfoy

thoughts: doesn’t stand pureblood supremacy really, bad or good relationship with father? depends if he can debate about it, depends if he’s allowed to debate about it, probably good relationship with mother no matter what, hesitant about having a bad relationship with Lucius or not? because, well it’s his father…he lost a father in another life, but on the other hand maybe he doesn’t want anyone to replace Hizashi. Likely fiends with Ron actually, developed a preference for the underdog?


Nara Shikamaru reincarnated as Sirius Black

thoughts: smart about circumventing his mother, probably wonders if he’s cursed as Walburga is the true nightmare, misses Yoshino, protects Regulus, doesn’t buy into blood supremacy and doesn’t cut off ties with Regulus after sorting. Probably doesn’t even run away from home because he can read the situation so it might end up turning genresavvy!Lord!Sirius Black, perhaps makes friends with all houses?


Neji and Tenten reincarnated as Lucius and Narcissa

thoughts: how would they recognize each other? well TenTen would probably slip first, its likely that they’re already engaged, and are probably fine with it. Team up to deal with Magical World in general…probably take Voldemort down on their own. Neji’s mental shields are top-notch Voldie never sees them coming


Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin reincarnated as James Potter and Lily Evans

thoughts: Obito is probably a depressed little boy, but pulls through and makes friends, notices Lily’s mannerisms and corners her, because he might be defensive and suspicious about anyone acting so much like Rin, can RIn really forgive him? Where do they go from there?


Harry Potter and Ron Weasley reincarnated as Indra and Ashura

thoughts: probably Deathly Hallows mishap or something, likely realizes that they’re both there pretty soon, this might result in undying loyalty between them and throw off BlackZetsu’s plans, do they even fight over succession or maybe they’ve learned their lesson from before? Harry as Indra probably has issues with his temper again, but knows and controls it, same with Ron


Harry Potter reincarnated as Yamato

thoughts: well what a way to ruin Harry’s life more, experimentation as a child probably putts him off of ninja, but has no choice really, maybe more hatred less fear for Orochimaru, isn’t as open as canon!Yamato perhaps or the opposite he might be warmer, maybe better with nature and animals, likes growing plants, wishes he could have worn a happuri back when he was Harry,


Uchiha Obito reincarnated as Ginny Weasley

thoughts: family feels as Obito probably isn’t used to this, as baby of the family such closeness is probably new to him, Obito working through his regrets, doesn’t trust the diary and certainly doesn’t spill his heart into it, or he might, but as Obito not as Ginny? Chamber of Secrets yes or no? both possible. If yes Ginny/Obito probably becomes very safety aware at Hogwarts because he’s used to being protected in this life so ninja instincts were shuffled to the side in respect of his new family. Friends with Luna, doesn’t call her Loony, probably besties.


Want one? Take one :D (have more questions, check out the F.A.Q.)

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