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Thousand Ways (to break you)

(SIOC intel team - Akimichi Iori, Nara Shizuka, Inuzuka Kaho and Chamaru)




Cookie for whoever remembers these guys from my other accounts.

First things first, no one really cares about names of their parents, siblings or friends just yet, so we’ll start talking plot.

They were childhood friends, Iori and Shizuka knew each other from clan meetings and quickly realized that they had a lot more in common than clan relations. Kaho was pullet into their orbit in the Academy when she overheard them discussing things people of the ninja world would have little clue about.

Friendship is quick to form, Iori is a laid-back snacker who has a quote for every occasion, Shizuka is the calm and orderly one with a plan for every occasion and Kaho has enough morbid humour to offset both her’s and Chamaru’s cute looks.

Their teamwork is noticed by the Academy teachers and relevant parties informed.

This probably results in some sneaky testing that the girls might or might not catch on to. Graduating a year or two before Team Gai, three girls and a dog end up with Senkawa Rie for a sensei.

Now, Rie has seen their grades, teachers comments and already has Plans. Their skills were already nothing to sneeze at, for the given value of twelve year old ninja, but she starts bringing them up to speed on some specialized skills.

And Rie isn’t shy about sharing her plans. They are to become and intelligence team, only time would show what kind of an intel team they would become.

Intelligence Gathering, Counter Intelligence, Espionage, Infiltration or Sabotage, but Rie has high hopes to make them as versatile as possible.

She manages that and by the time canon rolls around and Naruto steals the Forbidden Scroll, they’ve already made their place in the complicated Konoha Intelligence network, becoming a highly cohesive Chuunin team whom Ibiki likes to ‘Loan’ for various purposes.

Their favourite remains Counter Intelligence, due to their proficiency with putting on personas and masks.




art and characters belong to Nera Granić

Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

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This is a place to empty out ideas before they’re coherent enough to be more than one line. When they beef up they’ll be transferred to the fic-list and get link on their own tag. Until then they’re listed here and under ideastoreage tag


Naruto and HP crossover ideas


Harry Potter reincarnated as Haruno Sakura

Hermione Graiger reincarnated as Nara Shikamaru

Hermione Granger reincarnated as Uchiha Sasuke

Harry Potter adopted by Hatake Sakumo

Uchiha Obito adopted by Hermione Granger

Harry Potter adopts Jinchuuriki

Hatake Kakashi reincarnated as Remus Lupin

Hatake Kakashi reincarnated as Bill Weasley

Hyuuga Neji reincarnated as Draco Malfoy

Nara Shikamaru reincarnated as Sirius Black

Neji and Tenten reincarnated as Lucius and Narcissa

Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin reincarnated as James Potter and Lily Evans

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley reincarnated as Indra and Ashura

Harry Potter reincarnated as Yamato

Uchiha Obito reincarnated as Ginny Weasley


Code Geass


SIOC Marianne Lamperouge

SIOC Milly Ashford

SIOC Kallen Statfield

SIOC Shirley Fenette


SIOC resistance member


Living as Punishment Emperor!Lelouch


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cross-post from ngfics.tumblr
Harry Potter


Flower Watching and Bird Picking (SILily x Augustus Rookwood)


One Piece

Recorders Verse (has a separate blog)

Sewing Circle (Monica and Strawhats): ‘Pins and Needles’ (part 1) - ‘Threads and Twine’ (part 2)

Loose Change (Owl and Heart Pirates): ‘Pieces of Silver’ (part 1) - ‘Handful of Silver’ (part 2)

Roost Migration (Samina and Squad 4): ‘Flock Together’ (part 1) - 'Fly Apart’ (part 2)

Velvet Fittings (Vervet and Nobilty): 'Diamonds around your Neck’ (part 1) - 'Glass in your Throat’ (part 2)

Den Dealings (Bear and Wolf): 'Valuables’ (part 1) - 'Invaluables’ (part 2)

Card Spread (Alma Lamia and Blackbeard Pirates): 'Grasping to Faith’ (part 1) - 'Clinging to Belief’ (part 2)

Liege and Knight (Jackal and Coba): 'Without Sword+’(part 1) - 'Without Shield’ (part 2)



Natural Instinct (SI OC X Trafalgar Law - Platonic Life Partners)



Whirlpool Connection Verse (has a separate blog - CURRENTLY LOCKED)

Swelling of the Tide (SIOC Uzumaki Kaito and founding of the Clan)

You cannot swim (against the current) (OC X SIOC)

(Life Is) What you make of It (OC x Tobirama)

Paint your smile on (Regalia) (SIOC x Madara, Mito x Hashirama )

Sear it into my Skin (SIOC x Kagami)

Dance in the Storm (swallow your fear) (OC centric)

Eating Flames and Swerving Streams (RinObiOC poly)

Heat Haze (nextgen shenannigans)


Still Waters Run Deep (SIOC x Nara Shikamaru - both unrequited towards Naruto)

Symbiosis (SIOC x Shibi)

Thousand Ways (to break you) (SIOC Intel team)

Three in One (SI & SIOC team)




Purification Cycle (Inuyasha and Nurarihyon no Mago crossover - Kagome x Nurarihyon)

In your Hands (Noragami and Inuyasha crossover - Kagome x Naraku)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn



Termination Terminal Verse


Percy Jackson


Hospitality and Hospice (SIOC x Hermes, Slavic mythology cross)




Trees over Flowers (SIOC X Sycamore)

Roots and Branches (SIOC as GracexSycamore child)

Spine of Steel and Heart of Glass (SIOC x Steven)


Sea Salted and Sun Bleached (has a separate blog - CURRENTLY LOCKED)- Ns Discuss Pokemon world


No such thing as a Third-Wheel (Ingo x OC x Emmet)

Eye of the Beholder (OC Pokemon Y Nuzlocke)

Across the Sea (OC Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke)




Burning Day (has a separate blog - CURRENTLY LOCKED) (Harry Potter crossover)


Lemons and Lemonade (SIOCxWisely)


Doctor Who


The many Impossibilities of Clara Oswald (SIClara)

Petal Fall (SIRose)

Ouroboros Scales (SIOC)

Pen and Paper (TimeLady!SIOC)


Cat in the Tardis (Alien!OC)

Ten of Swords (OC)

Clock Count (TimeLady!OC)


Star Wars


Make your own Heaven (Sith Inquisitor x Jedi Knight, OCXOC - actual functional and happy relationship in the end)


Mark the Page (don’t get lost) (SIOC as Jedi librarian, Anakin’s emotional support)

Sandstorm (SIOC as Anakin Skywalker, fem? maybe)

Handmaiden Entries (SIOC as Amidala’s Handmaiden, SIOC X Anakin Skywalker)

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