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This is a place to empty out ideas before they’re coherent enough to be more than one line. When they beef up they’ll be transferred to the fic-list and get link on their own tag. Until then they’re listed here and under ideastoreage tag


Naruto and HP crossover ideas


Harry Potter reincarnated as Haruno Sakura

Hermione Graiger reincarnated as Nara Shikamaru

Hermione Granger reincarnated as Uchiha Sasuke

Harry Potter adopted by Hatake Sakumo

Uchiha Obito adopted by Hermione Granger

Harry Potter adopts Jinchuuriki

Hatake Kakashi reincarnated as Remus Lupin

Hatake Kakashi reincarnated as Bill Weasley

Hyuuga Neji reincarnated as Draco Malfoy

Nara Shikamaru reincarnated as Sirius Black

Neji and Tenten reincarnated as Lucius and Narcissa

Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin reincarnated as James Potter and Lily Evans

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley reincarnated as Indra and Ashura

Harry Potter reincarnated as Yamato

Uchiha Obito reincarnated as Ginny Weasley


Code Geass


SIOC Marianne Lamperouge

SIOC Milly Ashford

SIOC Kallen Statfield

SIOC Shirley Fenette


SIOC resistance member


Living as Punishment Emperor!Lelouch


neragranic: charcoal drawing of my dog, 2012. I think (Default)

cross-post from ngfics.tumblr

my art






Tags by Fandom


One Piece

Recorders Verse

instinct - Natural Instinct SI verse



whirlc - Whirlpool Connection verse

stillwaters - Still Waters run Deep - SIOC as Nohara Nurui

symbiosis - Symbiosis - SIOC as Aburame

thousandways - Thousand ways (To break you) - SIOC intel team

3in1 - Three in One - SI & SIOC team


Harry Potter

flowerwatch - FlowerWatching and BirdPicking - SILily AU


Harry Potter and DGM crossover

Burning Day AU!



lemlem - Lemons and Lemonade - SI story


Nurarihyon no Mago and Inuyasha crossover

purcy - Purification Cycle - Kagome x Nurarihyon crossover


Noragami and Inuyasha crossover

tsukunar- In your Hands - Kagome x Naraku crossover


Doctor Who (dw)

tardiscat - Cat in the Tardis - OC

swordten - Ten of Swords -OC

 ppdoc - Pen and Paper -SIOC

ppdoc - Clock Count - OC

impco -The many Impossibilities of Clara Oswald - SIClara

petalf - Petal Fall - SIRose

oscales- Ouroboros Scales - SIOC

bwyl -Better way of Living your Life - companions


Percy Jackson

hospice - Hospitality and Hospice - SIOC & OCs - cross with Slavic mythology



nsdiscuss - Ns Discuss - Sea Salted and Sun Bleached

nothirdwheel - No such thing as a Third-wheel - canonxOCxcanon - poly

 etb - Eye of the Beholder - OC - Nuzlocke

 acrossea - Across the Sea - OC - Nuzlocke

treefl - Trees over Flowers - SIOC

steelglass - Spine of Steel and Heart of Glass - SIOC

robr - Roots and Branches - SIOC


Star Wars

yrheaven - Make your own Heaven - Sith x Jedi - OCXOC

pagemark - Mark the page (don’t get lost) - SIOC Jedi librarian

maide - Handmaiden Entries - SIOC Handmaiden

sandstorm - Sandstorm - SIOC as Anakin Skywalker


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