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After hemming and hawing over this for a while I decided to put on my big girl panties and actually make the sites.

(This is plus my Recorder’s Verse Tumblr for One Piece that I still haven’t updated properly)

This site will serve as a place for me to chuck ideas about AUs, crossovers, SIOCs, OCs, headcanons, out of my head so that I can concentrate on some original stuff while people tear into my stuff, and maybe me too, online.


First things First,

I made a page with All the Tags I will be using and what they relate to (let’s hope I keep track of this :o)

NG’s Fic masterlist of fics and a bit more substantial fic ideas I’ve had (some of this are big enough to be called Verse’s and some even have their own Tumblr)

Idea Storage for hunches and one-liners that don’t have enough substance to be called anything other than ideas

I added a F.A.Q. page on every ficTumblr I made and updated my Recorders Verse Tumblr as well

Other Sites page is there for everyone to keep track of where I am, It includes other ficTumblrs, but so far only RecordersVerse one is unLocked.

After I did all this, I sat down and did some art for the various sites and now I’m finally posting something here.
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