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F.A.Q. from ngfics.tumblr

Frequently Asked Questions
(or quick and easy answers)

Is x abandoned?

Probably not. I’m just not in the mood for whatever it is and ideas aren’t flowing

Can I post something in x AU?

Yes, the more the merrier :D, as none of the characters are mine, just tag me as AU originator.

Can I post something in x Verse (with my OCs in it)?

Sure, just tag me (or put a disclaimer) as creator of whoever and whatever, it’s a big sandbox, feel free. It will probably never be a true fanfic, but if it is I’ll count on you to defend me from accusations of plagiarizing.

This might fall under fanfic of a fanfic if my Verse is developed enough like Recorders or Whirlpool Connection

Can you tell me more about x character?

Sure, if it’s developed, even if it’s not I’ll do my best. I hope to someday have a separate blog for each Verse that is rife with my OCs, like the Recorders Verse blog I already made.

That’s a cool SI idea can I write a fic?

Have at it! I’d be delighted to read it :D Please send me a link or re-blog or something. Reason I put the ideas out is because I’d like to read them.

I’m confused, what exactly do you define an SI as?

Well, generally SI means ‘Self-Insert’, as in inserting yourself into a fictional world.

Honestly, I’m more of an OCSI writer, ‘Original Character Self Insert’ which is all a long way of saying, person from our world finds themself in a fictional world they may or may not know of (with me they usually know at least something because I like 'attempt to change things’ plot)

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